Experiment of December 16, 2021:

The time to submit an answer is over. You can now view the solution of the experiment.

Solution video:


The following file is needed for the experiment: PiA2021_Experiment_16.pdf.


What does Ms. Santa get after cutting the paper strips up?

A) 0 times: 2 separate rings, 1 time: Möbius strip, 2 times: rings hanging inside each other, 3 times: cloverleaf knot

B) 0 times: 2 separate rings, 1 time: cloverleaf knot, 2 times: Möbius band, 3 times : interlocking rings

C) 0 times: 2 separate rings, 1 time: interlocking rings, 2 times: cloverleaf knot, 3 times: Möbius band

D) 0 times: Möbius strip, 1 time: 2 separate rings, 2 times interlocking rings, 3 times cloverleaf knot.

Advice of the day:

If you don't have a colour printer, you can also print the file on a black and white printer and paint it or paint the red and blue stripes directly on two sheets of paper yourself.