December 24, 2016

You can submit the answer to today's question until Monday, 26.12., at 23:00. Please also watch as many solution videos as possible until then in order to gain additional joker which also jump in in retrospect and improve your score. Videos watched later do not count anymore. The solution video of 24th December as well as the final score along with your individual certificate will be presented on 27. December at 5:00 in the morning. Please download your certificate latest until 31. January 2017. All accounts and data will be deleted afterwards.

December 23, 2016

After pulling the string through the cotton reel, you need to knot wooden (or other) objects of different weight to the opposite ends of the string. Now let the cotton reel rotate over your head like a lasso. Can you do that?

December 17, 2017

Today, the instruction are important. If possible, please use a CD case. If you do not have that, you can also use other objects with flat und nearly perfectly smooth surface. Beer mats are not the best choices today.

December 14, 2016

Please do not forget to watch the solution videos (when you are logged in). For ten watched solution videos, you get one additional joker.

December 10, 2016

The vendors of the recommended "Mini-Glühlämpchen"/mini light bulbs (Conrad, Voelkel etc.) have completely sold out their stocks. We have emptied the internet ;) Until December 10, they will deliver up to 1300 orders. The expected delivery date estimated on their web page is expected to be realistic. If you have placed your order already, you can receive the mini-light bulbs (5 pieces per order) in time. We will also give you additional hints on that day in the "hint of the day". It is best if you check the hints here then.


In case you could not purchase mini light bulbs, you can solve today's question with a little research on the internet. Search for the expressions "mobile phone radiation visible", "cell phone radiation visible". Information on the influence of mobile phone radiation on the human body can be found for example here.

In case you can and want to do this experiment yourself here a few hints: You best carry it out in the dark so that you can see the mini light bulb best. You need two phones. One needs to be the mobile phone which you want to investigate with your selfmade antenna. You best operate this in hands-free mode so that you can see the light bulb well. The other one can be any phone. The question of screening you can study for example by placing an aluminium foil cover like a little garage over the phone in such a way that you can still see the mini light bulb.

December 8, 2016

Mr. Santa places himself behind one candle in line with both candles. One candle is hence nearby, the other one further away. Inbetween is the sheet of paper which he moves towards of away from him.

December 4, 2016

A similar experiment was conducted within the "Jugend forscht" competition. Look up on the internet the expressions "Geschüttelt, nicht gerührt Jugend forscht".

December 2, 2016

Mr. Santa uses the food colouring only for you to make it look better - you do not need it. Please be patient and add the water drop by drop. Otherwise you can easily add too much water and the effect does not occurs.
Please do remember to watch yesterday's solution video. For 10 watched solution videos, you receive one additional joker. It pays off! ;)


In case of questions or obscurities regarding the current PiA-task, we publish hints and advices here. Hence, it’s worth it to read the “Advice of the day” before giving your answer. If there are still questions left, you are welcome to contact us.

You can download the current shopping list for PiA - Physics in Advent 2016 here.

Have fun and enjoy!
Your PiA-team