Experiment of December 21, 2017:

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What does Mr. Santa notice with the peach in the sparkling water?

A) The peach makes a whistling sound.

B) The peach starts rotating.

C) The peach skin turns blue.

D) The peach floats halfway up out of the water.

Advice of the day:

Today's experiment only works with a peach, as far as we know. As many of you have difficulties to find a peach today, here a few more hint (But you should really do this experiment yourself in the spring or the summer. It is really wonderful!) You can figure out if a peach swims in water by trying with different types of fruit. Can it stick out by half its height? A peach has a soft, velvet like skin with many little hairs. They point all in the same direction just like a compass needle on the surface of the earth. What happens to the sparkling water at those hairs? What could that do to the peach? If you have any more questions, please ask them via the contact form on the web page. PS: We receive reports that today's experiments also work with a kiwi, a grape or a tomato. Try it out!