PiA-2017 Transfer of rights of your pictures & movies

In order to be able to post pictures of PiA-2017 winners on our PiA-web page or to post or include your PiA-explanation/what you like most movies in our PiA-trailer movie, we need the following form for the transfer of rights. Please download it, ask your parents to fill and sign it and return it to or mail it to the postal address given at the bottom of the form.

PiA 2017 songs

Here you can download this year’s “Physics in Advent” songs.

download question song

download answer song

download faster beat


Flyer and poster

You can download and print a flyer and a poster for this year’s “Physics in Advent” using the links at the bottom of this page. On request, we can also send you printed flyers and posters. Please request these via the contact page.

Download Flyer

Download Poster

Videos of PiA-Physics in Advent

Every year, people from public life or the world of science speak out in favour of participating in PiA – Physics in Advent and explain what they think is so fascinating about physics and experimenting. Take a look and see what they mean:

PiA-Physics in Advent 2017 (Part 1)

PiA-chain reaction 2016


Press materials

For reporting purposes, we have prepared some press materials. In addition to general flyers, posters and videos you can found photos, sound bites, and a compilation of the most important information around the project PiA - Physics in Advent.

Information about PiA- Physics in Advent (German)


Download PiA-Images

Sound bites (German)