December 24

Because it was asked: A "humming noise" has a low frequency, a "screaming noise" a high frequency. Try it out.

December 23

The desired phenomenon should be visible in a short time, at the latest in 1 minute. If your kitchen paper breaks down into two or more pieces during the experiment, you can alternatively use toilet paper or a piece of paper handkerchief.

December 16

If you don't have tinsel, you can also cut thin plastic bags from the fruit department of a supermarket into thin strips. More tips: - Put another wooden block on top of the can (better contact to the wire) - use as large a PVC part as possible, a piece of drain pipe worked best with us. - The person who charges the PVC piece should wear shoes with rubber soles, take off shoes for touching (grounding).

December 12

Today it is all about the fact that one juice is dark and the other is light. As a light juice you can also simply take water. As dark juice you can also choose well drawn tea.

December 9

With more salt, the result can be seen even more clearly. Try directly with four tablespoons of salt. First salt and water in the glass, stirr it well. Put then the ice cubes (as big as possible, but they should float freely) in both glasses, then mark the water level and wait.

December 7

The "Direction" refers to the x-, y- or z-axis of the telephone or the loop from the aluminium conductor strip. A change of direction therefore means that we observe a field once in the x-direction and once in the y-direction. "Polarity" means that the measured magnetic field shows one positive and one negative deflection. If you do not have a smartphone with a magnetic field sensor, you could also use a small (children's) compass. The rotating needle shows both the direction (x, y or z) and the sign (tip or end of the needle).

December 5

Attention! Please fill the hot water only in glasses which can stand it, for example tea glasses. Other glasses might break and release the hot water. Please ask adults, for example parents, for help.


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