What can I win with Physics in Advent?

In addition to the joy of experimenting, there are prizes to be won as well. Prizes are available for the best answers from individual pupils, classes and schools in different age groups. Each participant and each participating institution also receives a certificate with the personal results. There is no charge to take part in “PiA - Physics in Advent”.

Here you can find the PiA-Winners of 2015

Here you can find the PiA-Winners of 2016

Here you can find the PiA-Winners of 2017


Prizes for individuals 2018

Special Prizes for advent weekends

  • iPad mini (4 items) donated by Sparkasse Göttingen, Carl Zeiss, Dioptic, KWS Saat, Qioptic, Refratechnik, Sartorius, Sick Foundation and Volkswagen

Special main prize

  • trip to Dallas/USA for winning Europ. participants and an accompanying adult to NBA basketball games with Dirk Nowitzki

Experimental boxes

  • "Technik Workshop" donated by KOSMOS (2 items)
  • "Magnetische Kräfte" donated by Kraul Spielzeug (3 items)
  • "Licht und Farben" donated by Kraul Spielzeug (3 items)
  • "Flaschenzüge" donated by Kraul Spielzeug (3 items)
  • "Nur ein Tropfen" donated by Kraul Spielzeug (5 items)
  • "Christbaumkugel-Experimente" donated by Kraul Spielzeug (15 items)
  • "MIND Roboter" donated by Clementoni (3 items)
  • "RoboMaker" donated by Clementoni (3 ietms)
  • "Kuechen Experimente" donated by HCM-Kinzel (15 items)
  • "Green Science Wetter Experimente" donated by HCM-Kinzel (15 items)
  • "Green Science Kartoffeluhr" donated by HCM-Kinzel (15 items)
  • "Sonnensystem Planetarium" donated by HCM-Kinzel (15 items)
  • "Kugelbahn Dynamic L2" donated by fischertechnik
  • "PROFI Mechanik oder Static 2" donated by fischertechnik
  • "Abenteuer Raumfahrt" donated by Ravensburger (3 items)
  • "Zukunftsenergie" donated by Ravensburger (3 items)


  • authographed booked by Ranga Yogeshwar donated by iser und schmidt (3 items)
  • "Das große Buch der Allgemeinbildung" donated by Cornelsen/Duden (100 items)
  • "Das Raumschiff der kleinen Forscher" donated by rowohlt (5 items)
  • "Eine wunderbare Zeit zu leben (Stephen Hawking)" donated by rowohlt (5 items)
  • "Professor Stewarts Mathematisches Sammelsurium" donated by rowohlt (5 items)
  • "Ian Stewart - Unglaubliche Zahlen" donated by rowohlt (5 items)
  • "Mit Einstein im Fahrstuhl" donated by Arena Verlag
  • "Mit 365 verblüffenden Experimenten durch die Naturwissenschaften" donated by Arena Verlag
  • "D.O.D.O" donated by Goldmann
  • "Die großen kleinen Dinge" donated by Goldmann
  • "Tagebuch für große und kleine Reisen" donated by Goldmann
  • Das neue Kochbuch von Tim Mälzer "Neue Heimat" donated by Goldmann
  • books about ocean and polar research donated by Alfred-Wegener-Institut

More Prizes for individuals

  • iPod gespendet von Sparkasse Göttingen, Niedersachsenmetall Süd, Carl Zeiss, Jenoptik, DEA, Dioptic, Refratechnik, Sartorius, Volkswagen und Woco GmbH (10 items)
  • globes donated by Stellanova (24 items)
  • steam machines donated by Wilesco (2 items)
  • "Physics mug" donated by Koenitz Keramik & Porzellan (10 items)
  • voucher for Experiminta Frankfurt (2 items)
  • voucher for experimenta Heilbronn (24 items)
  • One-year subscription donated by Spektrum der Wissenschaft (3 items)
  • voucher for Technikmuseum Speyer/Sinnsheim (2 items)
  • voucher for planetarium "Stellarium Erkrath (2 items)
  • Steam Vouchers for learning software donated by Ludwig Lernsoftware (20 items)
  • Dirkometrix mug donated by Walküre Porzellan (20 items)
  • voucher for planetarium Stuttgart (4 items)
  • voucher for Deutsche Museum München (5 items)
  • powerbanks donated by Qioptiq (10 items)
  • tickets for Europa-Park Rust donated by Europa-Park Rust and SCIENCE & Technologie e.V. (5 items)
  • visit and guided tour at Geo Science "Black Forest Observatory" (KIT) (4 items)
  • prizes donated by CERN


Prizes for school classes 2018

Tickets for school classes

  • Odysseum Köln
  • Phaenomenta Bremerhaven (12 Stück)
  • Phaenomenta Lüdenscheid
  • Extavium Potsdam
  • Galileo Wissenswelt Fehmarn
  • Klimahaus Bremerhaven
  • PHAENO Wolfsburg
  • Planetarium Mannheim (max. 30 students, 2 teachers)
  • Potts-Park Minden
  • Mathematikum Gießen
  • Atominstitut of TU-Wien (Austria)
  • EXPI Science Center Gotschuchen (Austria) (3 Stück)
  • visit of Technorama in Winterthur (Switzerland) donated by Technorama and SPS
  • Haus der Natur Salzburg (Austria)
  • AUDIOVERSUM ScienceCenter in Innsbruck (Austria)
  • Imaginata-Park Jena (max. 25 students)
  • Welios Science Center in Wels (Austria)
  • books for class donated by Wiley
  • class licences for learning software donated by Westermann (2 items)

guided tours/ visits/ excursions for school classes

  • visit of Research Instruments (RI) in Bergisch Gladbach
  • guided tour to Tagebau Garzweiler donated by RWE
    (min. 20/ max. 50 students, above 10 years)
  • Führung durch das Kraftwerk Niederaußem donated by RWE
    (min. 15/ max. 40 students, above 15 years)
  • visit of CERN in Genva (3 items)
  • visit of IBM research lab in Rüschlikon
  • visit of DLR-School Lab in Köln-Porz
  • visit of DLR-School Lab in Göttingen
  • visit of DLR-School Lab in Dortmund
  • visit of Max Planck Institute for biophysical Chemistry
  • visit of school lab PhotonLab of MPQ Garching
  • guided tour through research center Jülich
  • guided tour through DESY Hamburg
  • visit of European XFEL in Hamburg
  • guided tour through OPEL-factory in Rüsselsheim
  • workshop at Deutsches Museum Bonn
  • visit of ZEISS in Göttingen
  • excursion to Paul Scherrer Institut PSI in Villigen incl. visit of school lab (Schweiz, max. 25 students)
  • guided tour through Bosch factory in Abstatt or Stuttgart Vaihingen
  • visit and action day at KIT Karlsruhe in Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen in the section "renewable energies"
  • visit and guided tour through Mami accelerator at University of Mainz incl. lunch


Prizes for schools 2018


  • Science show of "Die Physikanten" at your school
  • 2 Sets LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 donated by LEGO Education (2 items)
  • experiments sets by PHYWE (2 items)
  • experiment sets by Christiani (3 items)



Ssupporters of Physics in Advent

We would like to thank all partners and supporters who have helped us to realise this year’s Physics in Advent.