PiA for refugees

Physics phenomena are universal and global. In order to carry out an experiment, no particular language, religion and particular location are required. They are identical for all human beings on planet earth, regardless where you are, which language you speak and which religion you believe in. Physics is exciting, entertaining, informative and experimenting creates self-confidence. Physics is fun ... and everywhere !

According to its charta, the German Physical Society DPG commits itself and its members to advocate freedom, tolerance, truth and dignity in science and to be aware that those active in science are highly responsible for the constitution of the entire human life. For that reason, we decided, in the present circumstances, to offer physics for refugees , in order to provide in particular children and teenagers some occupation in combination with informative and exciting entertainment.

Refugees under the age of 18 can register here from 1st November 2015 for "PiA - Physics in Advent" in the categorie "school students". Please enter in your address the abbreviation "(LEA)" at the end of the street name so that we know where to send your prize in case you win something.

Mohammad and Omar explain what PiA-2015 is about and how it works:

Latest News about the project can be found on the websites of the German Physical Society: http://www.dpg-physik.de/pff/index.html .

For urgent questions you can contact by email the organizing team of Physics for Refugees.