Who is eligible?

Eligibility requirements:

Eligible for participation and prizes are school students from school year 5 to 10 from Germany, Austria and Switzerland or from any other country. The only important requirement is that they speak German, English or French and enjoy doing experiments.Young and older students are also welcome in the competition. We do evaluate their answers as well. Furthermore, we offer the category "others" for students, parents, teachers and other adults whose answers we will evaluate, albeit without drawing prizes. From your feedback we know that adult teams, departments and work units in companies participate in "Physics in Advent" and have a great time. This year, for the first time, we offer to evaluate adult teams and provide a team-internal ranking so that you can distribute your own prizes.

School classes can be registered by teachers. For that, all participating students need to register individually and enter in their account data the class code which they obtain from the teacher. Entering the class code can also happen later in December. But do not forget to do that! Most important is that the individual students have registered.

Teachers and in particular PiA team leaders for a given school can register a complete school.

Adults also register first as individuals. If you would like to participate as a team, one of you acts as team leader, registers the team and passes the team code on to all team members. They need to enter this code in their individual account.